Organizing on a Budget – #2

Chargers and USB cords everywhere, but I can never find them when I need them or they’re stuck in the huge jumbled mess of cords that are all plugged into the same surge protector…. all the way under my desk.

Well, you could go out and buy one of these nifty things

You can buy them at Target, Staples, Walmart or pretty much everywhere. But they all cost $10 or more! So I found a solution.


Who doesn’t have one of those laying around the house?! Just thread the smaller end of the cord (usually the USB end) through both of the handles and then clip to the side of your desk, nightstand, or charger table, and TA-DA! Yeah, they don’t look as cool as those $15 cordies or whatever they’re called but they’re functional, and sometimes (especially in a simple case like this) isn’t it enough? I found really cheap binder clips at Staples in awesome colors for $3-$5.

I think this solution is really awesome and very cost effective.


If you use or know of any affordable organizational supplies, I’d love to know and feature you on my blog. Comment with your e-mail address or


3 thoughts on “Organizing on a Budget – #2

  1. I have even used these to hang Christmas lights on my house. If the cord didn’t have a USB end and was bigger, you can squeeze together the silver hinge & take it off to fit whatever size cord. Then just simply put it back together. 😉

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