Rearranging my apartment!

In one month it will have been a year since Sam and I moved into our apartment and to this day, I still don’t feel completely at home. We’ve just signed the lease for an additional year and I figured it’s the best time to start making some “homey” changes. It’s hard to figure out where to put things or which room should be designated as the dinning room or computer room/home office space. So, we’ve been moving it around constantly since we moved in.

There’s a room right off of our kitchen which I suppose would be the dining room but it’s such a non-functioning dining room because of it’s size. It’s a very thin room and when the table is in the middle and the chairs are pulled out, it’s impossible for people to get by.

Then we have a pretty decent size living room which we’ve cut kind of in the middle and use the other side for a computer/gaming/home office space and it was pretty function-able. Until yesterday. We were sick of it! We did a complete flip flop of the rooms and now I’m starting to organize things and find a place for everything which can be both fun and annoying.

I took a couple before pictures from a couple months ago before I turned it into a little computer area but it looks a little different now. I’ll post these before pictures now and then once I’m done setting everything up, expect some after pics!


After our first little revamp:

Stay tuned for the official after pictures from our latest little update!


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