Thank YOU!

Coordinated Kate’s first week on wordpress has been CRAZY to say the least! I’ve started several blogs before and I’ve never started one that had as big of a bang as this one. I’m getting so much love from my followers and random comment posters and I really appreciate it. I’m trying to answer all the emails I’m getting about wanting the template for the spreadsheets so if you haven’t gotten one yet, I promise you’ll be getting them shortly. I also made a note of everyone I’ve been emailing the templates to and when I publish the second part of the spreadsheet known as the ‘Yearly Budget Spreadsheet’ I’m going to automatically send it to all of you. I also want to thank She Makes Cents! She has such an amazing site and great information to share with everyone! She’s reblogged my posts not once but twice and really helped spread my information to a lot of her amazing followers, so I’m definitely grateful for that.

I promise there is more great information and creative ideas coming. So keep checking in!


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