Brilliant Idea!

I’ve been thinking lately about what I want to be doing, career wise and I’ve decided that I want to start networking with professional organizers and party planners and stuff. I love doing things like that and to potentially get paid to do something like that would be great. I work part time now so I’m thinking I could free up some time in the afternoons and also on weekends to just kind of see what that would be like. I’m not too sure how to start even looking for opportunities like that but I’ll find out and I’m really excited.

If you live in New Jersey and know anyone, hook a girl up!


10 thoughts on “Brilliant Idea!

  1. I was an event planner for three years, so I could give you some tips! But I don’t know anyone in new jersey, sorry:)

  2. Katie, what a great idea. You would be very good at that. Oh by the way you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Good luck keep us posted. Wish I could give you tips but UMMMM I can’t

  3. Thanks for Liking my Blog Post! I’m in the Los Angeles/Orange County area (Southern California) so I can’t help you with any individual contacts in New Jersey, but I can recommend joining industry related Networking Groups, like the one I mentioned in my Post, ABC – Association of Bridal Consultants (visit their site to find local chapter in your area). I would also imagine there are other networking opportunities in your area…both small, individually produced, as well as nationally produced, like MPI (Meeting Professionals International). This is a great way to meet industry related individuals and vendors, learn about what’s going on in your area, pick the brains of people you talk to, meet prospective clients…
    Good Luck with your endeavors!
    Essence Entertainment

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