My August Plans!

(Not my closet but it might as well be considering it gave me a headache just looking at it)

I’ve decided that over the next couple weekends I’m going to work on organizing my closets.  August will unofficially be my Clean Out Your Closet month. I only have three closets in my apartment so it shouldn’t take me too long (knocks on wood). The only part I’m dreading is the horrid first step of organization… PURGING! I’m really bad at it because I can find uses for a lot of things that other people would consider junk, so when other people have no problem throwing something away, I have to really think about it – HAHA!.. I thought that others may have a problem purging also, so I’ve put together a short list to get you started.

1. You need to find out how much time you want to devote to your organization project. For me and my closet clean out I’ll probably devote a whole weekend but some people may get too overwhelmed. If that is the case for you, just start small. Purge a little bit here and there in 30 minute chunks or maybe take an hour out of your afternoon to get going.

2. You’re going to need to create 4 groups. Items to keep, items to sell/donate, items to fix, and items to throw away. You may also need a pile for stuff that is just out of place and needs to be returned to it’s designated spot. As soon as you’re done sorting out what needs to go where, it’s time to get that stuff OUT! Take the items that you’re throwing away straight out to the trash can. The items that you’re going to donate or give away should go into a box in the trunk of your car. And the items that were misplaced should be put back into their appropriate spots.

3. If you have any items that need to be repaired give yourself a three month deadline. If the items are not fixed within that three months, toss ’em!

4. The same goes for any items that you may have trouble getting rid of. Let’s say that there’s a vase that you like but haven’t used in a long time but you still really like it. Put it in a box and put it up in a closet, in the attic, or out in the garage for a year. If you haven’t taken it out to use it then it’ll be easier for you to throw away or give away once the year is up.

I hope that these easy tips help with any of your organization projects that you have going this summer and stay tuned for my August Closet Clean Out posts!


9 thoughts on “My August Plans!

  1. WOW, not only well thought out but well written, clear and concise. And the best part is you tell us how to get started. I’m going to do my closet next weekend. Thanks for the tips and the inspiration. Debbie

  2. Sounds good to me! I might make your August challenge my “Wrap up July” challenge. I have 4 closets (2 Ikea wardrobes, 1 sewing, and 1 linen), and might be able to get them done by tomorrow 🙂 as long as my kids are occupied and I stay on task!

  3. ME TOO! Just finished my office space 😉 That made me happy….and I was so honestly thinking that closets HAVE TO BE NEXT…Starting with my bedroom closet which is the tiniest closet in PA, I am pretty sure. SO my plan is to bring everything I have been keeping in the laundry room and the attic and PURGE…kinda overwhelming but it needs to be done…I don’t wear everything or need it…wish me luck. Look forward to seeing you again!!

    • I just finished the closet in my bathroom yesterday and I’ll be posting the before and after tomorrow probably but I was able to just throw away a lot of stuff in there. I thought it would have been hard but it felt really good. Good luck with your closets!

      • Ok, so I am blaming you Kate….I started in my daughters room and things are spiraling out of control. So far I have moved my queen bed, moved three shelves, unravel her entire room, spilled my coffee and its only 10am 🙂 Now I am looking for containers to sort…ha…I think this room alone is going to take a week…ok I’ll stop rambling now!!

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