The Worst Blogger of All Time Award goes to…..


It has been way too long since I’ve blogged. I’ve been pretty busy with work and family and stuff so I really, really, really apologize! I’ve been wanting to blog and have been really missing it lately but didn’t know how to jump back into it. I guess the easiest way is to just go ahead and start doing it, so here I am! As I’m typing this blog it feels awesome! I thought it would have taken me all day to write myself a welcome back post but I realized that getting back into blogging is somewhat like riding a bike. No matter how long you’ve been away you can always  just jump back on as if you’ve never stopped. I have a few cool blog ideas for this week so stay tuned for that. Wish I was creative enough to come up with a new blog idea everyday but sadly, I’m not that good. Not yet any way.


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