You know what makes me mad?!

When you go online and order flowers for someone. Maybe they’re sick, maybe it’s their birthday, maybe it’s a wedding anniversary, or maybe you just got 4 of your wisdom teeth out like my little sister. Sam and I wanted to send her flowers. Soooo, I went online and picked out this beautiful arrangement of lilies and roses and they were going to be sent to her today.

She gets home from the doctors and texts me and says, “OMG! I love the flowers, they’re so pretty” yadda yadda yadda.. My mom texts me a picture of them and they delivered lilies and DAISIES!… What is up with florists and these flower deliver websites? They think they can pull one over on someone and the person that bought the flowers will never find out?… “Oh, she ordered roses but lets just throw these daisies in instead.” GRRRRR!

Anyways, don’t order flowers from, they’re awful.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


6 thoughts on “You know what makes me mad?!

  1. I hate when things like that happen! I hope you let them know, you should get a credit or some money back. (Include a link to your blog in your letter!) I want to give a shout out to 1-800-flowers … I have always gotten the product advertised! Hope your sister feels better fast!

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