Recent Purchase – #1

Before you start reading this, I just wanted everyone to know that it took me about an hour to write this post because I’ve been so distracted ALL DAY! I opened up the “New Post” page and typed in the title, then put on some music, then started writing a little and then stopped to eat some potato chips, then wrote a little more and then called my mom, wrote a little more and then had a dance party in my living room. Yeah, I said a dance party. Anyways

I’m an avid Groupon purchaser. Sometimes they have really great deals that I just can’t pass up. A couple months ago they had $10 yearly magazine subscriptions, two weeks ago they had hookahs, and then last week I found this…

The Laundry Pod!

Have I ever told you the story about how much I hate doing laundry? No? Well it’s a long one and the cliff notes go a little something like this: I FREAKING HATEEEEE LAUNDRY!

We don’t have our own washer and dryer in our apartment. We have to go to a shared facility that’s like a block away to do any laundry or we have to go to a laundromat. It sucks! So anytime I need anything washed I need to pack up a laundry basket, pack up the car, and drive down the block to the communal laundry room, unload the car, and do the laundry. And here is the kicker… it costs us $5 a load! Not only is it soooo time consuming, it also costs a lot of money. I usually send Sam to do it (insert evil laugh here).

When I saw this product on Groupon, I immediately went and searched for reviews and videos of people using it and it actually looked pretty cool and kinda fun.

Umm, yeah it totally looks like a salad spinner for your clothes but that’s part of the awesomeness. It can’t hold a lot of clothes and I’m not saying that it’s going to completely rid me of  using the communal laundry room but it’s definitely a huge help. During the week if I need a couple t-shirts washed or something, it’s super easy to throw them in here, churn it as if I’m making butter for about 10 minutes and then setting the clothes out to dry on my drying rack. I’ll still need to go to the dreaded laundry room to wash towels and sheets and stuff like that, but pretty much everything else can be washed in here. Not only is it super portable and a super space saver, it’s also super green. And I say green as in eco-friendly. This baby doesn’t need electric and it uses way less water than an actual washer.

So, in conclusion, if you live in an apartment, go camping a lot, or just want to save the universe one laundry pod at a time, you should really get this. It’s easy to use, easy to put away, and it’s just easy. I probably only have to go to the laundry room once or twice a month. That alone gets me super excited!

Happy Friday!


Updated: Rearranging my apartment!

I was telling you all about my rearranging project that I started last week and I’m almost done so I thought I’d share some pictures.


After the first renovation:

After the latest project:

I still have some stuff to finish up like hanging artwork and a few other things to buy but it’s pretty much done.  I really like it and it’s very comfortable and causal. Organization doesn’t always have to be about expensive office spaces and the top of the line supplies. It’s about everything having a place and YOU knowing where to find something when you need it. I’d love to see some of your office spaces so leave a link in the comments or send me an email! It’s all about inspiration!

Rearranging my apartment!

In one month it will have been a year since Sam and I moved into our apartment and to this day, I still don’t feel completely at home. We’ve just signed the lease for an additional year and I figured it’s the best time to start making some “homey” changes. It’s hard to figure out where to put things or which room should be designated as the dinning room or computer room/home office space. So, we’ve been moving it around constantly since we moved in.

There’s a room right off of our kitchen which I suppose would be the dining room but it’s such a non-functioning dining room because of it’s size. It’s a very thin room and when the table is in the middle and the chairs are pulled out, it’s impossible for people to get by.

Then we have a pretty decent size living room which we’ve cut kind of in the middle and use the other side for a computer/gaming/home office space and it was pretty function-able. Until yesterday. We were sick of it! We did a complete flip flop of the rooms and now I’m starting to organize things and find a place for everything which can be both fun and annoying.

I took a couple before pictures from a couple months ago before I turned it into a little computer area but it looks a little different now. I’ll post these before pictures now and then once I’m done setting everything up, expect some after pics!


After our first little revamp:

Stay tuned for the official after pictures from our latest little update!