Flea Market Finds!

Not sure if I’ve told you guys this before but my husband works most weekends but recently he’s had Sundays off so we’ve been looking for something to do now that the weather is getting nicer. The BlueClaws minor league baseball team has a stadium one town over from us and we’ve never been to a game so we’ve been thinking about doing that but this Sunday I wanted to go to thrift stores or garage sales just to buy junk I don’t need. What I found was even better! I went on Craigslist to see if there were going to be any garage sales near us and I found out that there is a Sunday flea market near us! I got soooo excited when I found it last night that I actually set my alarm to wake up early and get ready. Normally, there is no alarm setting on the weekends, because I need as much beauty sleep as I can get but this was a special occasion. I think I got the love of garage sales/Estate sales/Flea markets from my dad who would go to them early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He got this really awesome, old leather bomber jacket, a huge wooden trunk that I hope to get after my little sister goes off to college, a cool vintage camera and some  other stuff. Anyways, I thought I’d share with you guys what I picked up and some cool stuff I saw.




We found these cool aluminum posters and signs. Sam really wanted the Bob Marley Drive sign haha! I ended up getting two I Love Lucy aluminum posters.


Aren’t they gorgeous?! I’m a HUGE I Love Lucy fan. Actually, I’m a Lucille Ball fan so these posters became a necessity as soon as I saw them.

They also had boxes and boxes of CD’s and vinyls so we picked up a couple of those.


Got these four CD’s for $10. They’re all music that we already have but I like having the actual CD. I’m not sure why.


These are the vinyls we got. I’m actually listening to the Billy Joel album now and I’m happy to report that it sounds way better than any CD. I’m telling you, there’s just something about albums on vinyl that make me feel so much more content with life.

We met a guy at the flea market that restores old trunks. He was selling two of them today.


I would have definitely bought the one on the right but it was very low to the ground and I was looking for something a little bigger. He told me that he has a workshop that has a bunch of trunks that he’s working on so I took his card and hopefully I’ll be able to find one I like there!

So overall, today was a success. My mom told me to go there and not have anything in mind to look for but I did expect to see some kind of furniture that I liked, which I did not. I over heard a woman saying that this flea market was just starting back up and in a few weeks there should be a lot more stands so I’m excited to go back and see what everyone else has got to sell me.

Happy Sunday everyone!

EASY & CHEAP ways to organize sports equipment!

I read somewhere that 25% of Americans with a two car garage can no longer fit their cars in that garage anymore. I unfortunately don’t have a garage but I can only image the reason someone wouldn’t be able to fit their cars into their garage is because it may look a little something like this:

All that junk all over can definitely prevent you from being able to utilize the garage to, I don’t know, maybe park a car in it! Today I’m going to give you a few tips on storing some sporting equipment you may have or that your kids may have. Remember, vertical storage is key!

One inexpensive way is to use a garbage can for all the tall equipment like hockey sticks, baseball bats, ski poles, oars, lacrosse sticks, and whatever else you may be into. Don’t use anything that doubles the size of the garbage can, as it may tip the can over. This is a great way to get everything off the floor of the garage or from leaning up against the walls and into one place.

Keep balls from scattering all over the floor by keeping them all in a mesh bag, tall plastic hamper, or even a big duffel bag. I found a link to some really cheap mesh ball bags here. Also, keep a basketball/soccer ball pump somewhere near the bag of balls so you’re not running around looking for one when you need it. Nothing is worse than flat balls.

-If you or your children play a lot of sports I think it may be a great idea to have a duffel bag for each sport. Pack a duffel bag with your baseball bats, balls, helmet, and cleats. That way when it’s time to go to baseball practice you just grab the bag, throw it in the trunk, and you’re on your way. You can set up a vertical shelving unit to store all of your duffel bags.

-Scooters, skateboards, helmets, and knee pads can all be stored in a box or bin.

-Hang all of the soccer cleats, roller blades, skates, etc on hooks. Tie the pair together by their laces and make sure every pair gets their own hook for easy accessibility.

-OR, if you have a couple hundred or thousand dollars look into specialty racks that will store multiple skis, snowboards, bikes, fishing poles, etc. It may be pricey but it’s a more permanent solution.

I hope some of my tips help you get your garage back!

Happy Labor Day!