Convenient Uses for Mason Jars

I love mason jars! I think everyone on Pinterest loves mason jars as well. Recently I was browsing through some posts and came across Food Paradise’s blog and she was painting the inside of jars. I loved the look and normally I wouldn’t even attempt to try it but I thought I’d give it a shot because she made it look so easy.

I got the mason jars at Christmas Tree Shop for $.89/each and the acrylic paint was on sale at AC Moore 2 for $1 so I got a bunch of different colors. One of these small 2 ounce bottles of paint wold be enough for two mason jars.  Then all you have to do is put some paint in the jar add a couple drops of water and then just kind of wiggle it around until all the sides are completely covered.

Once you do that, you want to turn it upside down and let the excess paint drip out. I left mine upside down for about 20 minutes then sat it up right for 15 minutes or so then flipped upside down again for another 20 minutes. After that I just set it up and let it dry overnight.

After letting them dry overnight I sprayed them the next day with a clear cote matte finish acrylic sealer.

I got this at AC Moore also. It was $4.50 but I got it for $2.25 with a coupon. It’s definitely essential to keeping your jars looking nice and protected inside.

Then I put all my q-tips, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and makeup sponges in them and now they live on my bathroom counter!

The colors are great! I really like them. It’s like a little make over for the traditional mason jar. I wanted to use a mason jar for all my makeup brushes but there was too many so I got a small vase and filled the bottom with stones and now that’s on my vanity.

I also use mason jars to store my incense and to hold some pens and pencils.

Mason jars are perfect containers for homemade mod podge!

Mason jars are really cheap and have endless great storage possibilities. Decorating mason jars is also VERY easy and extremely inexpensive. If you’re like me, and not really the type to try a DIY kind of project, you at least need to try painting the inside of a couple mason jars. It’s so fun and gives color to places that may need it!


Where do you use mason jars? Have any great ideas? Let me know! Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at


Organizing on a Budget – #3

Couponing? Scrapbooking? Arts and craft projects for kids?

If you partake in any of these activities and you don’t have a paper cutter, I’m sure you wish you did. I recently got my first little mini paper cutter for some scrapbooking projects and I can’t believe I ever went without it. It made my scrapbooking pages look so much nicer and did I mention the time it saved me? I didn’t have to line things up or use a ruler to attempt to make a straight line, it does it all for you! I also didn’t get those annoying, painful scissor indentations in my hand from hours of cutting. I purchased a small Martha Stewart paper cutter from Michaels for about $10 after all the coupons I used. Totally worth it! But not everyone is a Michaels Rewards Member and Michaels stores are becoming a little scarce, so I found some alternatives online for cheap!

This is a Cricut paper cutter and I heard that it’s awesome and perfect for cutting coupons and individual pieces of construction paper. You can buy it on Amazon right now for $7.97 and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get the free two-day shipping! Even if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free month of Amazon Prime and snag this amazing deal!

This one is a Fiskars SureCut Card Making Paper Trimmer. Although it’s called a card making paper trimmer, it can still be used for couponing and cutting card stock for scrapbooks. You can buy this online or have it shipped to your local Walmart store. It’s only $10.05 and you can get it shipped to your home for only $.97! It’s a really great, inexpensive product that us organizers, couponers, and scrapbookers shouldn’t go without!


If you use or know of any affordable organizational supplies, I’d love to know and feature you on my blog. Comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at