Updated: Rearranging my apartment!

I was telling you all about my rearranging project that I started last week and I’m almost done so I thought I’d share some pictures.


After the first renovation:

After the latest project:

I still have some stuff to finish up like hanging artwork and a few other things to buy but it’s pretty much done.  I really like it and it’s very comfortable and causal. Organization doesn’t always have to be about expensive office spaces and the top of the line supplies. It’s about everything having a place and YOU knowing where to find something when you need it. I’d love to see some of your office spaces so leave a link in the comments or send me an email! It’s all about inspiration!


Target Bargains!

I was wandering through Target today (what else is new, right?) and ended up in the $1 aisles again and I found the cutest little boxes.

They’re called cash boxes and they come in adorable patterns and they’re only $1! I thought they were so fabulous that I bought a few of them. What a great idea for boxing the greatest gift… MONEY! For example, my younger sister wants a DSLR camera which cost $400+. Sadly, I can’t afford to buy her one, but you can make a donation towards it!

That way, she can use the box as a ‘piggy bank’  to save her money for her dream camera and I’m not stuck with a $450 bill!

I think it would also be great for like a “Dream Vacation Fund” or even a small savings box. OR have you heard of the “Five Dollar Savings Plan”? If not, check it out on Happy Simple Living’s blog and read up. Basically, you just save every $5 bill that you acquire. Seems pretty easy.

Well, that’s it. Just thought I’d share my purchase with everyone because I thought it was pretty cool.

Have a great day!