Organizing on a Budget – #6

I was searching online for a 12 x 12 paper holder for my scrapbook paper so that I could free up storage space in one of the drawers in my white storage container. I found a really awesome Cropper Hopper Paper Holder on Amazon.

It was perfect for the amount of paper that I have and it was only $7 something and eligible for Amazon Prime free two-day shipping. Though the price has went up to $10.70 since I bought it late last, it’s still totally worth it. It holds up to 200 sheets of paper and it’s really easy to store. I actually decorated mine with some really pretty tissue paper and some mod podge.

It fits perfectly with my binders. I found the same product at for $6.65 but you need to pay for shipping so it may be worth it if you pair it with any other scrapbooking items that you may need.

I also found a similar item on amazon. It’s pretty much the horizontal box version of  the vertical stand up box. And it’s also eligible for Amazon Prime free shipping!

This one runs for $10.99 so the prices are very similar and I’m sure you’d be able to decorate this one and make it pretty also.

The best part of all of this is that now I have a drawer open to store random stuff in! HOORAY!



If you use or know of any affordable organizational supplies, I’d love to know and feature you on my blog. Comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at


Small Homemade Storage Boxes

If I haven’t said it already, allow me to say it now. MY APARTMENT HAS HARDLY ANY STORAGE POSSIBILITIES! It really sucks. I’ve been looking for some small solutions, like what to do with my nail polish, how to store my DVD’s and make them look nice, where to store all of Sam’s video game paraphernalia. First, my nail polish was in a big jar, which was not functional at all, especially if I wanted a color that was near the bottom of the jar – GRRR!. But most recently all my nail polish and supplies have been in a really pretty box that I got from my mom last Christmas.

But since storage in my apartment sucks I wanted to use these boxes in my living room to put stuff in like card games or other small items. But this is what it looks like inside!

So you see my dilemma? We’ll I decided to make my own nail polish storage box that wouldn’t look bad if it was out in the open.

All I needed were:

– An empty shoe box

– A piece of nifty looking scrapbook paper and a piece of construction paper that matched

– A glue stick and liquid Elmer’s glue

– And my handy-dandy paper cutter that I told you about in my Organizing on a Budget #3 post.

It was super simple. All I had to do was measure the dimensions of the box, cut, and glue!

After it was done drying I was able to cut those edges that are sticking out. Then I organized all my nail polish and nail files and cotton swabs, etc.

That’s it! Now I can keep it on my bookshelf and no one knows what’s inside! And even better news, I can move my pretty boxes into the living room and fill them with other junk! YAY!