The Idiot Proof Grocery List!

Never forget any item at the grocery store again!

I break my grocery store into 4 sections.

Green – Produce/Bread/Bakery section

Pink – The sale items that they usually have in the middle of the store near the cold cuts counter.

Blue – The cold or freezer section of the store, where I usually shop right before I leave.

Yellow– Items that I’ll find down certain aisles.

Because of the layout of the store I’ll usually head to the produce/bakery section first. Then I’ll make my way to the sale items and then the aisles and I try to always make the freezer section the last place I shop so things obviously stay frozen while I transfer them home. This way when you think you’re done in a particular section you can look at the specific color on your list and make sure you got everything you came for.


9 thoughts on “The Idiot Proof Grocery List!

  1. Wow taking going to the supermarket to a new level. I wonder if getting a group of friends together to descend en mass form a cordon and sieze control of the fresh food section is taking things to far?

  2. Found your site by accident, but it is just exactly what I need. My finances are a mess and I need a way to keep track of what I HAVE to pay so I know how little I’ll have for the “Oh, I really like..want..need..have to have..can’t resist” buying which has taken over my income. I am going to implement your ideas right NOW. Thanks so much for your help. (by the way I am a young 66 yrs old and live alone and am just now trying to get my finances in order. It’s never too old to learn new tricks)

  3. Holy cannoli I do the exact same thing! I create my list on my grocery stores website and then highlight according to category. Green is produce, blue is freezer, pink is meats, orange is grocery and yellow is dairy.

  4. Are you familiar with I love it!!! It divides it by aisles for you and will post coupons if they have any available for your items on your list. Also, we are a family of 5, so anyone can add to the list from a smartphone, computer, iPod, etc. Has been a great resource for us and has limited MANY trips back to the store for me!!! Oh, it’s free.

  5. here’s how I do it: I draw lines across and down the paper dividing it into boxes and label each section. I then write each item needed in its section. This way there is no scattering of items all over the page. If shopping at Aldi my list is divided into these categories: (2 across and 4 down)

    Snack/Baking ….. Fruit/ Veg
    Dry ………………….Frozen
    Meats……………….Meals for the week

    I cross out items as they’re put into the cart. If Aldi doesn’t have something and I need to buy it at another store, I either circle or highlight that item.

    Hope this makes sense!

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