Mother’s Day Gift Idea! It’s Not Too Late!

If you haven’t already got something for all the mothers in your life then you should definitely consider checking out Fairytale Brownies! I was introduced to them a couple years ago when the insurance broker for our company sent a huge box of them to our office. They are AMAZING! I started sending them to family for special occasions and I actually sent a box to my mom this year. I think I saved $20 by having it delivered early instead of on Sunday (the sooner the better!) and my mom received them today.


Isn’t my mom so adorable?!

My mom’s favorite brownie is the cream cheese brownie. My favorite is the cheese cake brownie which is to die for and Sam’s favorite is the mint chocolate brownie. They have all different kinds like raspberry swirl, pecan, toffee, peanut butter, espresso, caramel, and a ton more! They’re all individually wrapped and come in big and small sizes. Also, the packaging is beautiful! Not only were my coworkers fighting over their favorite brownies but they were also calling dibs on the adorable boxes that the brownies came in. They have holiday boxes around Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter and they also have ‘Get Well’ boxes and ‘Thank You’ boxes and ‘Sympathy’ boxes and a box for any occasion that you can think of. Do yourself a favor and CHECK THEM OUT! If you decide to purchase anything use code ‘ML608’ to save 15% before it’s too late.


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